Retirement living trend is opportunity for Chichester estate agents


You don’t have to have to read the papers or watch television for too long to be reminded of the changing demographic of Britain’s population. The benefits of rapid advances in medicine and the surge in the birth rate at the end of the war mean that Britain’s baby boomers are now moving into retirement, and that brings both opportunities and problems.


How our lovely Cathedral benefits property for sale in Chichester


Whilst any city by definition must boast a cathedral, there are few better than Chichester’s when it comes to the influence they exert on the city itself.

Any property for sale in Chichester will benefit from the charm and presence of its stately cathedral, and despite the city’s modest size it has a building of historic significance to be proud of. Recent research has shown that property within a 5 km radius of a cathedral will command a premium over surrounding areas and taking a look at Chichester’s famous landmark, it’s easy to see why.