Now Is the Best Time to List Your Property for Sale in Chichester

If you’re looking for the perfect time to sell your home, now is perhaps the best time to do so. Several trends in the property market, including the increase in the national house price growth and the decrease in the number of homes for sale, make now the perfect time for home sellers everywhere.


Minimum or Maximum Exposure for Houses for Sale? Experts Weigh In

Gone were the days when you can simply stick a “For Sale” sign on your front lawn and consider your home ready for sale. With more marketing and advertising outlets perpetually evolving, be it through the Internet or through social media, you now have more choices at hand in marketing your home and attracting prospective buyers.

The way you market your home will also have an impact on its final sale price, so discuss your marketing plan with an estate agent with other houses for sale in your area. Most agents will tell you that maximum exposure is the best way to sell your home as soon as possible, while some regard minimum exposure as the more effective tactic. It almost always depends on the type of house for sale. To help you determine which of the two strategies you should use, estate agent expert, Jonny Crow of Hancock and Partners, explains the benefits of each.

Chichester Estate Agents Help You Profit from Your Bosham Home Sale

Chichester and its surrounding areas boast many beautiful villages but few are as picturesque and sought after as Bosham. A lovely village sitting on a peninsula at the northern end of Chichester harbour, it’s one of the oldest in Sussex with a history dating back to Roman times, and even rumoured to have been the site of King Canute’s ill fated attempt to hold back the tide! Bosham even merits a mention in the Bayeux Tapestry.

Nowadays, there are no royals hanging about, but the village has never been more popular, as is reflected in the price premium it commands over the surrounding areas. Bosham recently set a new price record for the area with £1000 per square foot being achieved for the first time compared with similar properties in Chichester city centre which average between £400 and £500 per square foot.

No Worries: Let Top Estate Agents Manage Your Chichester Property

It’s been noted by a study that many English landlords dislike having to deal with their tenants. According to an online study reported by Propertywire, over 85 percent of landlords don’t want to deal directly with their tenants, while 90 percent find it unpleasant for their tenants to e-mail or call them. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t good landlords; they’re still happy to pay for repairs and the like. They just don’t want to deal with their tenants and it causes them stress. This is particularly true if the landlord has a full time job. In fact, landlords often find managing their properties more stressful than their normal job! Fortunately, estate agents are there to help out; they can manage your property for you and handle the relationship with tenants, especially if they are skilled in property management.