New Landlords with Houses to Rent get Free Smoke Alarms in October

New landlord instructions with Hancock and Partners for houses to rent in Chichester get free smoke and carbon monoxide alarms starting 1st October.

Ensure the safety of your tenants!

New legislation has been put in place that ensures tenants of any houses to rent in Chichester
are made safe from the threat of fire and carbon monoxide inhalation. The main goal is to have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed in all rented properties so that tenants may have sufficient warning of any danger, either from fire or accumulating carbon monoxide.


Chichester Letting Agents Focus on “Preventative” Property Management

According to LandlordZone, an online journal that provides information on managing investment properties, landlords are losing £9.9 billion in arrears and damage annually. One in five landlords in the U.K. even fear that they will be out of business within 12 months. Naturally, if a property shows signs of damage, it does not attract tenants that would look after the landlord’s investment, thus racking up the cost of maintenance. Letting agents in Chichester now advise landlords to shift their focus to a preventative property management approach.